Commercial fisher Mariner 23CF

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[ 1988]


Type Fishing boat
Length overall 7,1 m
Beam overall 2,5 m
Overall draft 1,2 m
Passengers capacity up to 10 pers
Light displacement 1100 kg
Engine power Power up to 220 hp
Fuel capacity 130 l
Max speed Up to 25 knots
Class CE – C inshore (wave height up to 2 m, typical Beaufort wind force up to 6)

Mariner 23CF – is a coastal marine fishery boat, designed and built in accordance with the Nordic Boat Standard 1990 rules.

The boat has a powerful engine, large working deck with two open fish holds and four built-in drawers for fishing accessories

The aluminum alloy hull has a double bottom filled with polyurethane buoyancy foam. If damaged below the waterline, the boat will float at safe level in fully flooded and loaded condition. Bottom thickness is 6 mm, sides - 4 mm.

The self-draining cargo deck is divided into two volumes of 1,65 and 1,40 m3. Four built-in lockers for storing fishing gear. Powerful outboard engine.

Optionally, under the control post console, a hydraulic unit is installed with a 5-liter gasoline engine for driving fish equipment.

Versatility - the ability to install various fishing gear: gillnets, gigging, longline.

Classification – CE: C-Inshore, Nordic Boat Standard 1990


The aluminum alloy hull

Build-in boxes (4 pcs)

Control post console with place for the gasoline hydraulic unit 5 hp

Fuel tank

Build-in 130 l

Fish hold

Two open fish holds – 1650 l & 1200 l

Deck equipment

Mooring Bollards


Aft cabin

Engine protection (aluminum tube 38 mm)

Stern bracket for auxiliary engine

Painting in to colors


Outboard engine power up to 220 hp with hydraulic steering

Auxiliary outboard engine power up to 20 hp with tiller control

Fuel tank

Additional fuel tank 130 l


Coast charging

Starter battery

Fishing equipment:

Gasoline hydraulic unit 5 hp

Longline system

Gillnet system

Gigging system

Navigation equipment

Magnetic compass


Echo sounder (fish finder)

VHF Radio


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