Rescue boat Mariner 450RB

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Type Rescue boat
Length overall 4,45 m
Beam overall 1,65 m
Overall draft 0,2 m
Passengers capacity 6 persons
Light displacement 500 kg
Engine power 15 – 40 hp
Propulsion Outboard
Fuel capacity 2 x 24 l
Max speed No less 6 kn
Certification IACS

Rescue boat, designed in according the requirements: IMO / SOLAS, LSA, TP 620 The main function is to search for people missing at sea, collect and tow life rafts.
The rescue boat has an excellent maneuverability, sea keeping abilities and reliability.

Simple, strong and reliable boat design:

  • high qualification in operation and maintenance is not required;
  • the hull made of aluminum alloy, filled with polyurethane foam, due to which, the boat in full load, filled with water, with the bottom damaged below the waterline, retains positive buoyancy;
  • non-slip deck self-draining type;
  • heavy duty fender protected the hull by absorbing impacts;
  • towing devices are provided - in the stern are two towing bollards, in the bow is a towing hook;
  • lifting is made by a four point arrangement;
  • simple and reliability propulsion: outboard engine;

Optionally is possibility Winterization (-50° C) version.


Lenght overall: 4,45 m

Beam overall: 1,65 m

Passenger capasity: 6 persons

Displacement light: 500 kg

Displacement full load: 1000 kg

Hull material: Marine grade aluminum

Color: Orange

Operation temperature: - 20 to + 400 С

Buoyancy material: Polyurethane foam

Deck: Self-bailing, non-slip

Fender: Polyurethane

Supply: According the SOLAS requirements


Type: Four point

Height, keel to lifting hook: 1,85 m


Type: Outboard

Engine: 15 – 40 hp

Propeller: Diameter 180 mm

Propeller protection: Seawater resistant aluminum frame

Speed with full loading: No less 6 kn

Bollard pull: ~ 130 kg

Fuel tank: 2 x 24 l

Steering gear: Tiller control


Electric system voltage: 12 V DC

Cables: Marine type

Battery: 50Ah


Navigation lights: 12 V DC

Search light: 12 V DC Handled

Compass: Magnetic with light


Spare parts on two years expluatation

Optionally is possibility Winterization (-50° C) version.