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Engine Duty Rating Pleasure Duty (S5) Special Light Duty Commercial
Output [PS(kW)] 200 (147)
RPM @ Full load 3,800
Displacement [cc] 2,199
Max torque @ rpm 38kg*m @ 3,800
Injection System Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi) - Solenoid Injector
Max Fuel Consumption [L/h] Approx. 40
Propulsion System Waterjet
Weight [kg] Approx. 280

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Solenoid controlled common rail injection system delivers 200PS and 44kg·m torque from the 2.2 liter In-line 4 CRDi engine.

The common rail multiple injection features make the In-line 4 R-series more environmentally friendly by minimizing the emissions of particulates and NOx.

The designs optimize fuel injection and intake porting to improve combustion performance, particularly low-temperature combustion stability through lean air-fuel rationing.

This ensures that we satisfy the world's strictest exhaust emission standards while providing the smooth, quiet and efficient power for which Hyundai SeasAll is becoming known.

The R200 can be equipped with Hyundai SeasAll’s unique SeasLink system which providers real-time navigation information, engine performance data and more directly to your smartphone.


Cast Iron engine cylinder block

Aluminum head

Nine balance weight crankshaft

Oil cooled pistons

In-line 4, 16-valve DOHC

Hydraulic lash adjusters

Intergated water jacket

Balance shaft

Hydraulic timing chain auto tensioner

Single serpentine belt system

Drive belt auto tensioner

Engine Mounting

Adjustable engine mounts

Lubrication System

Electric oil extraction pump

Easily exchangeable oil filter cartridge

Seawater cooled transmission oil cooler

Fuel System

Common Rail Direct Injection (CRDi)

Solenoid injector with 2,000 bar

Fuel filter with sensor detecting water in fuel

Dual pressure control valve

Electrical System

12 volt system and 150A alternator

Auxiliary engine stop button

Ceramic glow plugs for a trouble - free cold start

NMEA2000 Converter (Optional)

Electronic control system (Optional)​

Lubrication System

Electric oil extraction pump

Easily exchangeable oil filter cartridge

Seawater cooled transmission oil cooler​

​Cooling System

V-ribbed belt driven seawater pump

Seawater cooled intercooler, heat exchanger

Easily exchangeable rubber impeller

Corrosion resistant material for the seawater circuit


E-VGT, Electrical Variable Geometry Turbocharger

​Engine Operating Indicator (EOI)

Engine self protection and diagnosis

Displays CAN information

Displays engine diagnostic error codes

Audible alarm and control lamps

​Air Inlet system

Oil wetted and reusable air filter

Crankcase gas vented into the air inlet

​Exhaust System

Engine coolant cooled exhaust manifold

Seawater cooled exhaust elbow





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